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Buy Mephedrone online. Mephedrone also known as 4-methylephedrone is a synthetic stimulant drug of the amphetamine and cathinone classes.

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Buy Mephedrone online Mephedrone also known as 4-methylephedrone is a synthetic stimulant drug of the amphetamine and cathinone classes. Slang names include drone, M-CAT, White Magic, and meow meow. It is chemically similar to the cathinone compounds found in the khat plant of eastern Africa. cheap  Mephedrone online.

Buy Mephedrone online

Formular composition

Formula: C11H15NO
IUPAC ID: (RS)-2-methylamino-1-(4-methylphenyl)propan-1-one
Molar mass: 177.242 g/mol
Other names: 4-methyl-N-methylcathinone; 2-methylamino-1-p-tolylpropan-1-one

What is mephedrone?

Mephedrone (4-methyl methcathinone) is a stimulant drug, which means it speeds up the messages traveling between the brain and body.1 Mephedrone is classed among New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), a range of drugs that have been designed to produce effects similar to those of established illicit drugs.

It was originally marketed online as a plant fertilizer or ‘research chemical

How is mephedrone used?

Mephedrone powder is usually sniffed/snorted or swallowed.2 Swallowing is the most common way of taking the drug.


Stimulants excite the nervous system and increase physiological function.

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The emergence of
mephedrone, the perversity
of prohibition & the
rehashing of „moral panic‟
Dr Fiona Measham
Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Lancaster University, UK
Dr Karenza Moore
Lecturer in Criminology
Lancaster University, UK
Winter 2009/10… Drugs & the Media
Mephedrone Death Teenagers
 Background: Spring 2009 emergence & rapid
increase in popularity of substituted cathinones
(eg. mephedrone)  16th April 2010 Class B,
Schedule 1, Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
 Prevalence
 Role of internet in sales & promotion: mephedrone
as 1st drug of the internet age
 Media coverage: drug deaths & eager application
of concept of moral panic
 Emerging typology of users
 Wider implications regarding regulation of legal
highs within context of high levels of demand,
willingness to experiment & lack of evidence for
deterrent value of criminalisation
 Critique of moral panic – now 40 years old
 Presentations to drugs services:
parents, teachers, teenagers from more
affluent backgrounds
 Increased popularity amongst clubbers
(eg. online clubbing websites)
 Mixmag (Feb 2010) self selecting, self
reporting online clubbers‟ survey:
Mephedrone Ecstasy
2010: 1st UK prevalence figures
published autumn 2010
The “mephedrone menace”
 Nov 2009 Gabrielle Price‟s death
precipitated the “mephedrone menace”
(Daily Mail 27/11/09)
 Mephedrone implicated in 26+ deaths –
„ghouls‟ (Forsyth) awaiting 1st confirmed
 Ingredients of media drug deaths: young,
white, female, photogenic, „respectable‟
family, “never used drugs before” e.g.
Leah Betts (ecstasy), Hester Stewart
 UK politicians quick to condemn: “We are
determined to act to prevent this evil from
hurting the young people of our country”
(Gordon Brown, PM, Hansard 24/3/10)
 No retraction about Gabrielle‟s death in
national press after coroner‟s report that
due to bronchial pneumonia
Volatile Substance Abuse & Ecstasy
Deaths & News Coverage, E, W & S
 Privileging of certain drug deaths: hypervisibility of
ecstasy in media contrasts with „disappearance‟ of
VSA illustrating media „value‟ given to „respectable‟ &
marginalised youth (Manning, also Forsyth)

“Mephedrone”, last 12 months,
Emerging Typology of Users
 Age, motivation, context, pattern of use, drug history,
timing of emergence
1. Psychonauts – purity
 2008 onwards across Europe, 30s/40s, extensive drug histories,
occasional use, varied dose levels, varied contexts (home, alone,
festivals), experimentation, psychic exploration
2. Clubbers – availability
 Summer 2009 onwards, 20s/30s, hedonistic, disillusionment with Class
As, weekend polydrug repertoires in club/chill out context, experienced
in management of stimulant drugs
3. Novices – legality

teenagers, little previous drug history beyond cannabis, parties & parks,
from occasional to daily, curiosity, no experience of managing
stimulants, now presenting to A&E and GPs
The regulation of legal highs
 Pre-legislation:
 MDA – arrested for supply of unknown white powder and also
for the possession of Sugarhouse 7‟ at Lancaster.

 Intoxicating Substances (Supply) Act 1985 – if supplied to
be inhaled by under 18s
 Criminal Attempts Act 1981
 Arresting suppliers: eg. Liverpool, Durham (also conversely
suppliers claiming cocaine is mephedrone to evade arrest)
 29th March immediate ban on imports – through licensing
not legislation – all imports into UK are banned!
 Post-legislation:
 16th April Class B, Schedule 1: drug; ACPO concentrating
on suppliers? Large seizures eg. Stanstead ½ metric tonne
The perversity of prohibition
Interviewer: “What will you do if mephedrone is
made illegal?”
Dealer: “Put up my prices”
(Mephedrone dealer in Sheffield trance club, Feb 2010)
 „Successful‟ enforcement suggests continuing lack of
availability of „tried and tested‟ higher purity ecstasy &
 Substantial substitute displacement to mephedrone
Spring 09-10
 Stockpiling for post criminalisation
 Substantial substitute displacement from mephedrone
Internet searches for NRG-1
spike at end of April 2010
Cohen‟s „Folk Devils & Moral
Panics‟: The concept
 The events – Clacton 1964 – mods,
rockers & minor disturbance
The “mephedrone menace”:
At 1st glance a classic moral panic?
Users as
Dealers as
„folk devils‟
Moral Panic Revisited or
 Relationship between media, state & drug users:
lack of critique of concept of moral panic
 Tabloid reaction and liberal counter-reaction
both over-simplify (Murji 1998)
 Active audience ignored; framed as passive and
gullible on both sides (Garland 2008)
 Importance of niche media & internet in youth
drug culture (McRobbie & Thornton 1995);

It is not our intention to criminalize young
people… Its new classification will… provide a degree
of reassurance that something is being done about it.
Association of Chief Police Officers statement by Chief Constable
Tim Hollis, ACPO lead on drugs, 29/3/10
Concluding thoughts
 Displacement, deterrence & demand:
 Voracious UK desire to experiment with recreational
chemicals contrasted with minimal scientific
research base & lack of deterrence from
criminalisation of legal highs & resulting legal
 The internet comes of age for promotion and
distribution of legal highs – what next?
 Relevance of dated concept of „moral panic‟?

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